Installing apache2 --Apache version 2 series, which is a web server

Install Apache, a web server, using the apt command. The current version of Apache is 2 series (as of May 16, 2020).

sudo apt install -y apache2

Apache has a proven track record as a web server, is widely used, and is well documented.

It's perfect as the first web server for beginners to learn.

If you have a desire to deliver static files at high speed or want a fast reverse proxy from the beginning, consider using nginx.

Confirm that Apache is installed

Make sure Apache is installed.

apache2 -v

The Apache version is displayed as shown below.

Server version: Apache /2.4.29 (Ubuntu)
Server built: 2020-03-13T12: 26: 16

Enable mod_ssl to communicate over HTTPS

Let's enable mod_ssl so that Apache can communicate over HTTPS.

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