Enable mod_ssl to allow Apache to communicate over HTTPS

Let's enable mod_ssl so that we can communicate over HTTPS. a2enmod seems to be an abbreviation for "Apache2 Enable Module".

sudo a2enmod ssl

The a2enmod command enables loading of the specified module from the available modules.

The activation of the configuration file is completed with just a command without editing the file.

To understand how it works, take a look at the Apache configuration file directory with the ls command. prize.

ls / etc / apache2

It is less than.

apache2.conf conf-enabled magic mods-enabled sites-available
conf-available envvars mods-available ports.conf sites-enabled

In "mods-available" there is a file called ssl.conf. Check with ls and grep.

ls / etc / apache2 / mods-available | grep ssl

Certainly there is "ssl.conf".


Let's take a look inside "mods-enabled". This is the configuration file that is actually loaded.

ls / etc / apache2 / mods-enabled | grep ssl

There is "ssl.conf".


You can enable / disable it depending on whether the configuration file exists in "mods-enabled".

It will take effect after restarting Apache.

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