Install make

I will explain how to install make. Install make using the apt command. Run with administrator privileges using sudo.

sudo apt install -y make

Main uses of make

make is a tool mainly used to check source file dependencies and compile only source files that need to be recompiled when compiling C source files.

You can also create a make subcommand (not really a subcommand) such as "make test" or "make install" to execute a series of shell commands or programs.

make is also required when installing Perl modules from CPAN. For XS module that contains C source code, of course it is necessary, but it includes C source code. Modules that aren't there are often needed.

In most cases, ExtUtils::MakeMaker is used. Not needed if Module::Build or Module::Build::Tiny is used.

You can compile the module, place the files in a directory, test it, and install it by simply following these steps:

make test
make install

This is done in the CPAN module installation.

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