Install libjpeg-dev

I will explain how to install libjpeg-dev. Install libjpeg-dev using the apt command. Run with administrator privileges using sudo.

sudo apt install -y libjpeg-dev

What is libjpeg-dev?

(The following description is unconfirmed as of May 14, 2020)

libjpeg-dev is one of the libraries for reading, writing and editing JPEG images.

It is necessary to read "jpeglib.h" in the C language source file.

In Perl, there are modules that use "jpeglib.h" to read and write JPEG images. An example is Imager::File::JPEG, Imager's JPEG image read / write module.

In order to install Imager::File::JPEG, "jpeglib.h" must be installed in the include directory, and the corresponding shared library "" must be installed in the library directory.

Installing libjpeg-dev installs the "jpeglib.h" header and the corresponding shared library.

On the Web, PNG, GIF, and JPEG images are often uploaded, so install the JPEG library.

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