Tesseract-ocr installation-batch-executable OCR

OCR is character reading software, but tesseract-ocr can be batch executed from the command line. Install tesseract-ocr with the apt command.

sudo apt install -y tesseract-ocr

Confirm that the tesseract command is installed

Let's confirm that the tesseract command is installed.

tesseract -v

The output is as follows.

tesseract 4.0.0-beta.1
  libgif 5.1.4: libjpeg 8d (libjpeg-turbo 1.5.2): libpng 1.6.34: libtiff 4.0.9: zlib 1.2.11: libwebp 0.6.1: libopenjp2 2.3.0

 Found AVX512BW
 Found AVX512F
 Found AVX2
 Found AVX
 Found SSE

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