Installing net-tools-deprecated but if you want to use ifconfig, arp, route, netstat for the time being

ifconfig is now a deprecated network information management tool on Linux, but if you want to use ifconfig for the time being, install net-tools.

Ifconfig can be used in common with commercial Unix environments, so if you don't want to get lost, it may be good for the time being. Install with the apt command.

# Install net-tools
sudo apt install -y net-tools

Confirm that the ifconfig command has been installed

Make sure the ifconfig command is installed.


You can also use the arp, route, and netstat commands included in net-tools.

The official network management tool for Linux is iproute2

Currently, the official network management tool for Linux is iproute2. (Described on June 8, 2020)

iproute2 includes command line utilities such as ip, ss, bridge, rtacct, rtmon, tc, ctstat, lnstat, nstat, routef, routel, rtstat, tipc, arpd, and devlink.

The function that checked the IP address with ifconfig uses the "ip addr" command.

ip addr

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