Zip installation-zipping / decompressing ZIP files

To compress / decompress in ZIP format with the extension zip, install the zip package using the apt command. Execute with administrator privileges with sudo.

#zip installation
sudo apt install -y zip

Confirm that the zip command is installed

Make sure you have installed the zip command to compress ZIP files.

zip --help

Along with the zip package, the unzip package that unzips in ZIP format is also installed.

unzip --help

Generally, in Linux, the standard compression format is the GZIP format with the extension gz. gzip command that can be compressed / decompressed in GZIP format when compressing / decompressing on Linux , Use the gunzip command. It is also common to compress using the "-z" option of the tar command. It uses the gzip algorithm internally.

The most commonly used compression format in Windows is the ZIP format. Install the zip package if the file format provided by some service or the web is ZIP and you need to handle ZIP.

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