redis-cli --Run Redis command from Redis client

redis-cli is a Redis client for executing Redis commands. Install the Redis server and it will be installed automatically.


The Redis client starts.

Redis command

Run the Redis command.


You can execute PUB by executing the PUBLISH command. PUB is used for push notifications.

PUBLISH channel name message

Both the channel name and the message are just strings. If you need complex data structures, use JSON for your messages.

Channel names are a global namespace for all processes, so consider non-overlapping names.

PUBLISH / foo / bar / baz? id = 5 Hello
PUBLISH "/ foo / bar / baz? Id = 5" "Hello"
PUBLISH "/ foo / bar / baz? id = 5"'{message: "Hello"}'

Both double and single quotes can be used to enclose the string.

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