"/ etc / group" file showing all groups and users belonging to the group

The list of groups can be found in the "/ etc / group" file. Use the cat command to display the "/ etc / group" file. Execute it with root privileges using the sudo command.

You can also use "/ etc / group" to find out who belongs to a group.

sudo cat / etc / group

This is a sample output result.

chrony: x: 993:
tcpdump: x: 72:
admins: x: 1000:
batch: x: 1001:
gitprep: x: 1002:
webdbviewer: x: 1003:
apache: x: 48:
mysql: x: 27:
okamoto: x: 1004:
izawa: x: 1005:
kimoto2: x: 1006:
cgred: x: 992:
myapp-group: x: 1007: kimoto, yamada, tanaka

Other operations on the group

The following article explains how to add a group.

The following article explains how to delete a group.

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